Natas Kaupas – Kitten

en el taller “Luka Thepau”, making off.
(oct, 2012)
Prototype on table cushion “NATAS KAUPAS – kitten” , all the pieces are hand-embroidered by hand, felt and flocked. This is the first piece of the “old school” collection that I will soon present for spring-summer, consisting of several tables made in cushion, boxes, cushions with simple shape and patches. The aim of this collection is to be able to make a joint exhibition with several photographers specialized in the skate world to recall the skate of the 80s and 90s. As well as make photo sessions with original tables of the period donated by private collectors for the occasion .

Proyecto Mike Vallely

Here I show you part of the process of creating another cushion for the expo, in this case it is a board of the World Industries brand, by skateboarder Mike Vallely, designed by Mckee. The table is made to scale, consisting of 73 pieces cut and mounted on the base. The entire cushion is hand embroidered.
This cushion along with the rest that are still to be developed, will be part of the next exhibition that will open in December, based on the skate of the 80s and 90s, this exhibition will consist of several models of tables, stickers, T-shirts, original boards (from my private collection), pictures, all done in an artisan way, the original skate boards will be shown only on the day of the inauguration so do not miss it.

Proyecto Mike Vallely

Process of making another cushion that will be part of my next exhibition, In this case I used bright colors to highlight the figure of the prisoner, made of felt and flock filling, large size with approximate measurements of 50 x 65 x 12 cm.
Here is the banner that I used as inspiration, it is a replica of the rubber logo for axes of Santa Cruz, once the exhibition is inaugurated I will update the entries with the final result of the cushions.
The next December 20 I will open my exhibition, I have been working on this project since February and the truth that I want to present, just a month and I can finally rest, lately I do not have time to everything. Among the cushions and decorations that I will “manufacture” for the occasion will also feature the contribution of various collectors who gave away t-shirts, banners and tables without any profit and with the only interest to help. Thank you very much to all.
Thanks to Frankie from South Carolina for sending me this Cellblock banner.
If you want to see more products of my brand I leave here the BLOG , the WEB and the shop where you can find cushions in stock. in the exhibition all the works will be for sale so if someone wants to book a piece that does not hesitate to write me to my email

Vision Proyect

With this photo begins the VISION project, two models of Mark Gonzales that will soon be cushions, once completed they will take course to Australia. In this post I will upload all the photos of the process with daily or weekly updates as the project evolves. I hope you like it. Greetings Mark!
The model to develop is Vision Gonzales, the cushion will have a variation of colors,
the pink and the purple will be changed to red and brown.
Each piece is cut with scissors and sewn one by one to the base.
Here I show you the final result of the embroidery, 4 felt plates in 6 different colors, very soon I will upload the photos of the process of the other table VISION…
Sakte table VISION – MARK GONZALES 1.0

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