Mexican collection


Cushions shaped like a Mexican skull !!!!! Several different sizes to choose from, you can customize it, combining colors, beads, embroidery, all the cushions are hand embroidered. ARTISANAL PRODUCT.


Sketches of the new collection, “Mexican Collection” inspired by the Mexican culture, comic vignettes as a new cushion project, several different formats, possibility of making a cushion with different vignettes or cushion by vignette, all the cushions are embroidered by hand, piece by piece, completely by hand.
Then the project results: in this case is a pack of four cushions (cube format) size 30 x 30 x 7. 100% wool felt, can be customized with the comic strip you want, the wrestler that you like and the vignettes that best suit your story.


The Mexican masks are hand embroidered, 100% wool felt can be combined as you like and also if you are a fan of a special fighter you can also customize your cushion with your mask. In the photo that appears below you can see the different models that were in stock, on request you can order any customized model.

Mexican collection: “Free fight masks”
Different models, can be customized.
45 x 30 x 10cm (approx)

Hand-embroidered television, Mexican Collection, large size, on the screen appears an image of Mexican wrestler in a championship, in these televisions you can also put your company logo on the screen or tell a story and put it on the side. You can also combine colors and do it in cube format (as in the photo) or in flat format, put more or less buttons. This cushion is available in stock, you can customize the cushion you want in the size that best suits you.

Mexican collection: “Tex-mex TV”
Hand-embroidered television, large format
40 x 30 x 20cm

* all the models that appear in this collection can be customized by combining colors, formats, sizes, in the comics you can customize the cartoons.
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Mexican mask that took course to Castellón to the study Treze Labs Tattoo !!!!! (what a good time … jajajajajaja), little treasures scattered on the map;)

 Treze Labs Tattoo
C/Obispo Salinas 49 bajo
Castellón de la Plana
Tlf 964066674

Tikis LukathePau

Collection TIKIS ,These are the cushions that I have designed for Luka Thepau, Tiki-shaped cushions, made completely handmade, 100% wool felt, several cushion sizes (height and diameter), each cushion is different, different sketch for each cushion. Collection available in two shades (brown and gray), on request can be made in any color and size (up to 1.5m high).

STAR WARS for me

On the occasion of the STAR WARS convention that took place this weekend in the auditorium of Oviedo, I decided to give my friend owner of the PUB VADER (where the party was) with this personalized cushion for his Pub.

So much I liked the result that I decided to make some cushions for my living room and put them close to the boards that I am also collecting from STAR WARS.

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