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Interview for AV. MAGAZINE
editorial photo : Lara A.Miranda
photo advertising: Pablita Graves
Photo retouch: Javier Santacruz

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Today I received an email that has made me happy the day :), this is the cushion that I made to order (Pato) for the tattoo studio Bang Bang Tattoo (BCN), a custom coffin with the logo of the studio, hand embroidered in Large size, made of felt and flock filling. The cushion in question has appeared in the program “ETIQUETATS” of TV3, On this occasion one of the reports focused on the Tattoos, there was Marta Bermúdez Renu, owner of “BANG BANG TATTOO” , she left her studio, she was very beautiful tattooing the humorist Tony Moog , Love of Lesbian … and my cushion all the time !!!!! (good mio no … snif … now it’s their haha) there, so cute, posadito on the sofa(jajajajajaja)
Thanks so much 😉
c/ Vallfogona 10
I leave the video of the program
Here “LOVE OF LESBIAN” with the cushion during the broadcast of the program

Vídeo “The Cabriolets”

Last year Diego (Bassist of the music group “The Cabriolets”) wrote me an email, in the mail there was a link and below, written: This is our last music video, look at it, just like something that comes out in it. 😉
I clicked and started watching … The video is super fun, the song is cool a lot, I loved it when I saw it, the video-song combination seems perfect, it also made me a lot of hope, jajajajajajaja, sale Little Dora !!!!! Beautiful !!! and … a little bit, well, two little bits of chiquititos LUKA THEPAU 😉 jijijijijijijiji….
Thanks Diego !!!!

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