Final project pastry

This was my final project when I was studying in Barcelona, ​​we were supposed to showcase a well-known brand and I (as always, at my own pace …) decided to do it on my brand.

Present the project in some hand-sewn and hand-painted notebooks, without anything done by computer and the idea apparently liked and I went ahead with my project. For the exam you had to adjust to the showcase measures that the school gave you and depending on which you played by lot you had characteristics that benefited you and others that the truth hurt you enough but even so you could adapt everything in a record time. The showcase measures were 3.40 x 3 x 1.5.

The wooden structure had measures of 3.20 x 2.50 x 0.80 m, lined in the lower part of carved porex, the upholstered part of felt and satin fabric, the roof (false roof) was made of Feather cardboard and as tiles were cut a tear of felt in different colors. Inside the false ceiling the cabling was concealed, the showcase apart from the overhead light also consisted of light incorporated in each shelf of the showcase (here use cold light) , as well as in the doorway (in this case it was a normal bulb). The fictitious door was made of carved porex, the part that simulated glass was made of tulle.

Barcelona tattoos convention 2009

Photo: Selectormarx

I participated in the Tatuajes de Barcelona convention, making the photography sets of the production company Trecelgrimas (Madrid). For my stand recycle my final project and make a space set in a tea room. Apart from being used as a decorator in the different photo sessions, the boys from Canal + decided to do their program there and recorded the interviews there. In the photo below I am being interviewed by Sandra Uve.

Interview with Sandra Uve for CANAL +

Here I am with Flavio Rodríguez.

Scenography “pastry shop” with atrezzo by LUKA THEPAU, made in felt by hand, decorated with walls, supports, furniture, upholstery. Placement of curtains as background.
design and decoration: PAUU RECIO

CLONE magazine cover

Photo: Selectormarx
modelo: Jordi Mateu
Decorado: Paula Recio

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