I have been doing this for more than 11 years, having ideas, designing, sewing and perfecting the technique and that shows in the products that come out of my hands. I try to put a lot of passion and concentration to each of them so that they come out perfect.


I have been working with a lot of different materials for years, I selected the organic canvases that I use for my products, they are very good quality materials and resistant.


My inspiration is my life, my children, my parents, the sea, the meadows, what I have lived, my hobbies, and everything that I have to think and transform it into something that you can see and touch. Each illustration, pattern, word, design takes a little bit of me.


Everything else would not be worth much if I give you something badly stitched or a corner that bothers, or that is going to break with a little use … None of that, my experience has led me to know how to make the best seams and designs textiles that allow me to make impeccable finishes and designed for your comfort and that last a long time.



This textile line is not just accessories, it is a way of practicing an attitude towards life, aimed at women and men who are committed to equality, respect and creativity. Each design is original and each article unique. All are made from the pattern on fabrics (hand-painted) designed exclusively in the workshop, 100% handmade. Using natural materials that do not harm the environment.



All the cushions, as well as the pins, patches, pictures, etc … are hand embroidered. Normally I work on request but, sometimes, I make collections that you will find in stock in the online store. If you have an idea, write me and we will develop it in the format you prefer. Also on the web are all those pieces (paintings, cushions …) that were part of exhibitions, photo sessions…
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